Existence – everything exists

Have you ever thought if something is real or not? Let me rephrase. Have you ever wondered if something really exists or not? May it be Santa Claus or anything else? Well, in a way everything does exist, if it is visible or not.

Let me explain. To truly know if something “exists”, or not, you need to know what existence is at the first place. Existence is just a continuous state of survival of a subject or object. In a way, every little thing, no matter how stupid you think it is, that a person makes up and believes in, exists, but it is a spiritual existence. Like our dreams are not actually real but they feel real and they exist. Everything, that is in that dream, exists but it might only exist in that dream.

As long as one person believes in something, it keeps existing. So you can basically be creative and make yourself believe in something funny and then find meaning in that joke or existence. Just try not to offend people with your joke and maybe others will join you.



How Veganism changed me

It is hard to explain how changing one’s diet can change one’s life. In a way it is a complete new philosophy and shifts your mindset to be more selfless and a bit more open minded.

I am not saying that people who eat meat are less open minded, I am simply trying to explain how a simple decision can change someone. It is quite ironic because when I was younger I never wanted to eat my vegetables, all I wanted was the meat which I thought to be way more important than the vegetables. I had that same mind set 5 years ago until I moved to another country. It was quite a change in my life and I think it was one of the main reasons why I changed my diet completely.

Also it is important to know that I grew up thinking you need meat to grow muscles and need milk from cows to strengthens your bones, which by the way are both lies. Proteins can be found in both vegetables and meat. Guess where animals get their proteins from.. Yes plants which contain the proteins that animals need to grow. And if you think that when you only eat plants that you eat away the food that belongs to the animals, then you are mistaken because nearly 40% of world grain is being fed to the animals rather than being consumed directly by humans.

Another reason for becoming vegan were my parents. When I used to live in my home country, my parents were already starting to change their diet to go completely vegan and I always asked myself why would you do that and also how is it possible. I was quite influenced by my friends to not be vegan because every week we would just go to McDonalds and get some cheeseburgers. I would have never thought that one day I would only consume plant products without any meat. Even though I have always loved to observe nature and how it changes over time, especially when the leaves grow, change colour, and fall off depending on the season.

Starting a vegan diet not only taught me how to eat healthier but also helped me to realize how much bad food I was consuming. It also taught me to not only check what enters my body but also realizing how it effected my body and overall my energy levels. So I encourage you to try it out if you are really curious. It is hard in the beginning but it gets easier over time, trust me.


Memories define me?

I read recently that scientists are trying to find a way to eliminate or help you forget bad memories that you have with new technology. Imagine where this could go if they found out how, that technology would not only be used for good things, you could also “delete” good memories or memories in general. Pretty scary stuff.

I think that it is a bad idea because then you are changing the person itself.. right? Because in the end of the day, we as humans learn from our memories whether they are good or bad. And the decisions we make depend on the experience we had in the past.

On the other hand, you could help people who suffer from serious traumas. May those nightmares come from their childhood, or psychological fears, anything could be removed or forgotten with the help of that technology.

I know that because of some memories I have, not only my behaviour changed but also me as a person. Because of those memories I have trust issues and I only trust one person at the moment. My problem is psychological but I don’t want those memories forgotten because they gave me experience in life and I learned from them. And I think that if I forgot those memories, I would do the same things again which would lead to similar memories.

But in the end, I am curious how this technology will affect us if they find a way to make it work. I am probably not the only one thinking like that, so let me know your thoughts on that matter in the comments.



University – a great choice?

If you read my first blog post, you know that I attended University and that I had not a very enjoyable time there.

I just felt like that I don’t belong there and always had a weird feeling in my stomach whenever I entered the premises. And if you feel the same way, it is totally fine.  There are so many other options that we can choose from. Every person is different. Maybe you are the kind of person that prefers to start a career already and don’t wanna waste time. Or you feel like you wanna explore the world and its wonders for a year or two. Do it, as long as you feel it is the right thing to do and as long as it makes you happy, you know your decision wasn’t wrong.

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Let me tell you one thing, if you are not interested or feel like that you don’t want to continue your studies, whether you go to College or University, then it’s probably better if you look for something else. Otherwise you are just wasting your time with something you never really wanted at the first place. Either because society tells you that you only got that one choice or because people around you pressure you to do so. Could be parents, relatives, friends etc..

We all have to figure out who we are on our own. Our actions do not always define who we are. If you leave University or change your work place, then feel free to do so. There are so many options in life and what other people think about you does not matter. It does not. Your happiness is what matters in life. We can be happy without being rich. Money isn’t everything. I know that it helps, like a lot.., it makes everything so much easier.

So, back to my experience. First of all, most people I met at University were either not very nice or not helpful at all. There were only a few teachers who actually cared about their students and tried to help them. Secondly, I realised that most people were smart but in a different way. They were book-smart. Meaning they studied information by heart about their area of study, but if you asked for a solution to something or get it explained differently, they are not able to do that. I guess we get taught to do that in school but I was still shocked that that didn’t change in University.

“A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.”
Shelby Foote

My favourite place in University was the library. Name any book, you could find it there. Old books, new books, whatever you desire. Starting from Freud to Nietzsche. The library is the heart of every University and should be worth being checked out by those who seek knowledge. But in the end, you could go to a public library and find many interesting books there too. Maybe even some that University don’t have? By the way, if you wonder where the oldest library is in the world, it is located in Fez, Morocco. Imagine all the incredible knowledge that might be found there.

So, my advice to you if you are just looking for knowledge and you don’t really care about a degree, don’t get too disappointed if you go to University and things are different than they appear to be.



Everybody loves exams.. right?

We all know how stressful exams are, and how nobody likes to study because in the end the subject is not interesting or we know that the subject won’t help at all later on in life.  It can be quite frustrating to know that you have to study for something that you do not care about.. at all. Like no emotions towards it,  not even a single one.

Also, in my opinion, I feel like school is not preparing you a single bit for work or a career of your choice. Like you get out from University with a degree in your hand, feeling all awesome and happy. But then the hard part is yet to come: You need to learn how you can apply your knowledge to your work. But that’s just a random thought I had while I am writing this.

So, back to my topic. Stress and exams. I have witnessed people having an emotional breakdown while sitting in their exam just because they did not know the answer to one question. Meanwhile I know people that did not prepare at all, and went in knowing they are going to fail but yet were happier than most students. I always asked myself: Why is that? With time comes wisdom! Well at least I like to believe that. Especially mistakes give a person a lot of experience in life.

It turns out that those people were happy because they knew already what they wanted from life or simply learned how to enjoy life without having too much worries about the future. Think about it. Imagine you are doing an exam which you need, to get to college or University but in reality you do not want that and you would like to try something totally new. Like becoming an actor or something like that. I say go for it and try it out, if you fail.. well at least you tried, am I right? And it is not like you can’t continue your studies later on in life. If you fail your exams and you would like to go University but instead you feel like you wanna do a break and travel the world a bit.. Go for it!

My main message that I am trying to give to you guys is that it doesn’t matter if you fail an exam because you can try it again. Failure is not the end, don’t give up that easily. From failure comes only success. And success helps you to achieve your goals.  Don’t stress out too much, you can’t do more than trying your best.


So this is my blog now..

Best title ever for a first blog entry. I am honestly not sure in what direction my blog will go, but I think I just write about stuff that goes through my mind and if it interests anybody else then I am happy.

So about me.. typical 19 year old guy who is quite bored in his life and likes to read and play video games most of the time. My personal library has quite a variation of different books. I have books about the Universe and Evolution, which I consider to be general knowledge, or at least it should be, fantasy books and horror books.

I am currently attending University but let me tell you, it was quite a disappointment when I first went there. Honestly, I have no idea what I expected it to be, but all my life I studied only to get into University. Maybe I expected there to be brilliant professors and geniuses around every corner, but in the end the professors turned out to be arrogant and do not really care about you as an individual. It could be that this is just my personal opinion about it, so if it is different with you and you really enjoy going to University and see it as a great place to continue your studies, then I am really happy for you. Sadly it can’t be like that for everybody. We all have to find our own paths and purpose of our lives, and sometimes it can be quite challenging. But I believe all our decisions lead us to where we are now, and we can do great things as long as we know what we want in life.

That is probably the main reason why I am starting to blog. Maybe this way I will be able to help someone else with something I wrote about. Imagine you left a comment on a popular facebook post or tweet on twitter and you talked about your personal opinion on that matter and then somebody else reads it and coincidentally it was just that sentence the other person needed to make a decision for something. I mean that for me is amazing in a certain way.

So thank you for reading my first blog post. I hope you enjoyed it in some way and I will keep posting more in the near future.